Records Request Tips


We are committed to providing efficient and transparent access to public records. To ensure a smooth and effective process, we have compiled these helpful hints to assist you in tailoring your requests for specific records. By following these guidelines and providing clear and detailed information, you can help us locate and deliver the records you need in a timely manner. Please take a moment to review these hints, which will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our response while ensuring compliance with Ohio Public Records Law.

  1. Be clear and concise: When submitting your public records request, provide specific details about the records you are seeking. Clearly state the type of information, documents, or records you are interested in accessing.
  2. Identify relevant dates and timeframes: If applicable, provide specific dates or a range of dates that are relevant to your request. This will help narrow down the search and locate the requested records more efficiently.
  3. Specify offices or divisions: If you are aware that the records you are seeking are maintained by a particular office or division within the department, please mention it in your request. This will help direct your request to the appropriate custodian of the records.
  4. Provide relevant names and subjects: If you are requesting records related to specific individuals, businesses, or subjects, include their names and/or relevant keywords in your request. This will assist in locating the records associated with the specified entities or topics.
  5. Consider alternative record descriptions: If the specific record title or terminology is unknown, try describing the information or content you are seeking. This can include providing details about the purpose, context, or content of the records you are interested in. *Please note that Ohio Public Records law does not require you to disclose the purpose for which you are requesting a public record.
  6. Avoid overbroad or ambiguous language: Ohio Public Records Law requires requests to be specific, avoiding overbroad or ambiguous language. To help expedite the processing of your request, ensure that your request is clear, focused, and specific to the records you are seeking.

Remember, the more specific and detailed your request, the more efficiently we can process and fulfill it.